Witchcraft & Conjure – Video Class Series

A few years back I offered a live online class series called Witchcraft & Conjure. This 10 class series went into the the core of my magickal practice, hoodoo/conjure. Each class focused on a specific magickal working such as candle magick, money magick, and spiritual cleansing.

This year I made the decision to offer 8 of these video classes to the public for free. Next year I will launch advanced classes in witchcraft and conjure so this class series is a good starting point for beginners or a refresher for experienced workers.

As part of my Spiritual & Magickal Coaching Program I offer certification in Witchcraft & Conjure. In addition to the eight free classes available on YouTube, you will receive three private classes (Intro to Hoodoo, Creating Magickal & Spiritual Spaces, and Crafting Your Own Spells) and four individual one-on-one sessions with me.  I provide you personal attention and support, the chance to ask questions, and the opportunity for more in-depth training in Hoodoo, conjure, and Witchcraft. You will receive eight homework kits to accompany the YouTube classes; completion of the homework is required to earn your certification.

For more information, please visit my website.

Celestial Blessings!

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