Spiritual Warrior – A Call to Action

Re-posted from my Facebook Account:

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION TO SPIRITUAL WARRIORS around the globe to step up and take action against the injustices plaguing our world!

Now is the time to call forth our ancient power to aid us in our work to bring to light the hidden atrocities being dealt to us.

We stand up now and say NO MORE!

Our ancestors did not imprint in our DNA the wisdom and knowledge of our true God-self for us to sit on that data when it is most needed!

We must call forth those forces of nature that are innate in us and make the change we deserve.

No longer will they wage war on women!
No longer will they take black lives!
No longer will our voices be silenced by laws not made to benefit us!

We stand together at our personal altars, temples, and shrines…our energy weaving around the world raising the frequency, uncovering the unjust, shining a light on those who hide in the cracks of the system, casting a vibration so loud and bright that it can not be ignored. We will also send energetic support to those on the front-lines…those with boots on the streets.

Now is the time to use all our resources…all our knowledge…all our power…to right the wrongs!

We call upon the wisdom of our Ancestral Lineage!
We call upon the Spirits!
We seek and support each other until justice is brought to balance!


I am committing to spending every Friday focusing my intention and energy to my work as a Spiritual Warrior. I will do any magickal work, healing work, and energetic work that is needed to support this call to action.

I am committing to fasting every Friday to clear my energy field, raise my vibration, and align my frequency in support with this call to action.

I am committing to spending not one dime every Friday to impact and shift the economic balance in support of this call to action.

I am committed to holding myself accountable by checking-in using social media every Friday to further bring awareness to this call to action.


Please consider joining me on this journey. It is a journey of not only public awareness but self awareness. As we change together we can change the world.

This call to action is for those who can truly make the commitment no matter how big or small your contribution it will help. However, you must stick to what you commit.

If you commit to lighting a candle and praying every Friday for 5 minutes…then be a Spiritual Warrior and DO THE WORK!!!

Feel free to comment your commitment below.

Feel free to share this and use this event to get the word out…or get the word out however you choose.

Feel free to use #spiritualwarrior to spread the word.

Feel free to add to this call to action as you see fit.

Thank you.

See the Facebook event to join this journey: https://www.facebook.com/events/1390039881288823/

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